Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Good Wednesday morning to you! I must say, I am so humbled by all the emails, messages & calls to help the family that we have sponsored up in Nunavet! Once I have the donated shipping container here, we'll fill the container up & ship it off & anything that didn't fit this time, will be shipped in the next shipment, and so on. We've committed to a box every 3-4 months. Donations made to help cover the shipping costs are very appreciated too! <3

Lots of new dies to check out & I'm getting the pre-order confirmations coming in, so we're in the queue for all the good stuff! Classes have started back up & there is still one or two spots left in the crop on Friday. Call soon to sign up! It's a great time! I'm open today from 10am until 4pm. Have a FANTASTIC day! :D

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