Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Friday to you!! And it's sunny to boot! Woot woot! :P For those of you that have been patiently waiting for the Spellbinders Tool n' One, I've FINALLY had an update from Spellbinders in regards to this tool. Here's what I heard:

"Your incredible support of our new Tool ‘n One™ has been nothing short of amazing. In a short three months since introduction, the demand has completely caught us off guard. In addition, we have also encountered some unforeseen packaging issues that have delayed the launch.

I want to outline our plan and timetable to ensure we stay in front of any of your concerns by providing the most up to date information. Our first order has left China by air and is due to arrive no later than next Tuesday April 22nd. Once received, we need approximately two days to inventory and receive the goods. We then will begin shipping to the Wholesalers by Thursday, April 24th.

To ensure an adequate supply going forward, our second order is already in production. This order will be leaving China by air the second week of May. All of us understand the urgency and are doing our best, including working overtime to make all this happen and get you the goods your customers are clamoring for.

If you have any specific concerns, please contact me directly. My details are below.

Dave Ruprecht
Vice President of Sales"

So it's coming! Just much slower than the anticipated March release date... So THANK YOU for your patience, I'm anxious to get one too LOL! :P Store is open from noon - 4pm & I look forward to seeing you soon! :)

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