Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's time to place another Silhouette order! If you're thinking of getting one of these amazing machines, check out www.silhouetteamerica.com for a great look at what the Cameo or Portrait can do for you! I will be placing an order in the next two weeks, call 778-471-7082 or stop by the store today to place your preorder! $299.99 for the Cameos and $199.99 for the Portraits.


  1. Will you ship a Cameo to Sask? How much would shipping be?

    1. Hi Melissa! So sorry for the delay, for some reason, I didn't see the notification that you had left a comment. I will ship to Sask, and I only charge whatever the actual shipping is. This order of Silhouettes is due to arrive this week, but they're all spoken for now. I will be placing an order again in the next month or so. Please email me at mwillick@memoryjunction.ca if you are interested. That way, I get your email immediately! Thanks and have a great day! :0)